Car filter needs attention in winter

Car filter needs attention in winter

Oil filter element, can be said to be the focus of the maintenance of the car parts. If there is a problem with this, your car will not go away. Often such a small problem, but sometimes, there will be a big problem in the emerald filter.


Different grades of oil used in the process of oil will change. After driving a certain mileage, the performance will deteriorate, the engine may bring a variety of problems. In order to avoid these failures occur, the conditions should be combined with regular oil change to the car, and moderate oil, generally between upper and lower limits for oil dipstick.


Oil filter oil from the pores through when the solid particles in oil and viscous material accumulated in the filter. Such as filter plugging, oil can not be smoothly through the filter, the filter will burst or open the safety valve, the bypass valve through, still the dirt back to the lubricating parts, promote accelerated engine wear, increased pollution inside. Therefore, the regular replacement of oil filter is equally important.


Reminder: do not add less oil, but do not want to add, not the more expensive brand-name synthetic oil is better for your car's oil is the best.