Factors directly affecting the use of stainless steel filter equipment filter element

Factors directly affecting the use of stainless steel filter equipment filter element

Filter element is the core of the filter components, bear the entire process of filtering an important part, but in the using process, many factors will affect the use of filter, let's look at the direct influence factors of stainless steel filter using the filter device.

1, The organic content of the filter medium

There are many areas of the use of stainless steel filter can be used, so there are many kinds of filter media to be carried out, some of which are organic substances in some filter media, and even some bacteria in the medium, such as water, oil, too much organic matter Triggering the propagation of organic digestive bacteria, and ammonia nitrogen in the biofilm competition of in the growth of space, dissolved oxygen and nutrients and oxides, thus affecting the filtration effect.

For example, when the ratio of biochemical oxygen demand (COD) to ammonia nitrogen ratio is greater than 2.7, the removal rate of ammonia nitrogen will decrease by about 70% when filtering water.

2, The pH and alkalinity of the filter medium

Different pH of the filter medium is different, while the stainless steel filter itself can prevent corrosion, acid-base uneven environment will often corrode the filter layer, which will greatly reduce the filter effect.

3, The filter medium convection mixed effect

Since the fixed-mode filter element is dependent on the diffusion of material to work, the convective mixing between the fixed film and the water has a great effect on its working efficiency. The experiment shows that the appropriate mixing of the filter medium will effectively increase the ammonia nitrogen Removal rate.

4, The temperature of the filter medium

It is generally believed that the temperature of the filter medium will also affect the filter filter effect, in the stainless steel filter filter in the filtration process, part of the filter medium itself when the temperature is higher, ammonia nitrogen conversion reaction faster, but in fact if The temperature changes slowly within a certain range, ammonia nitrogen transformation of bacteria on the temperature to adjust the ability to adapt, so that the efficiency of the filter will not be a greater impact.

Experiments show that there is no significant difference in ammonia nitrogen removal rate when the stainless steel filter cartridge is operated at 20 ℃ or 27 ℃ for a long time. However, if the water temperature suddenly decreased significantly, the growth of the bacteria will be greatly inhibited, the efficiency of the filter will be greatly reduced; if the water temperature suddenly increased more, the filter efficiency will not be improved soon.

5, Dissolved oxygen concentration

A large number of liquid is containing oxygen, two parts of the stainless steel filter in the work also need to add a lot of dissolved oxygen, so dissolved oxygen is often a filter ammonia nitrogen removal rate of a limiting factor, the general requirements of dissolved oxygen concentration is ammonia Nitrogen concentration of more than 2.5 times, of course, different filter media, this requirement is also a change.