Future development of green product hydraulic filter element

Future development of green product hydraulic filter element


In hydraulic systems, the filtration equipments play more and more important roles. It promise longer working time for the systems. With the developing with the hydraulic machinery and equipments, the filtering technology is increasing. Now, let's find the the future of the filter element products.


The future of hydraulic oil filter element on 3 major aspects:

. Research finer filter mesh technology to be used in filter media,

. arrangements of filter media

. Improving the overall construction and design


Manufacturing filter media

One of the simplest forms of filter media is a sieve or strainer. Depth media, the popular choice for hydraulic filter element, consists of random layers of fiber strands to create a multi-layered sieve.

Depth filtration technology is designed to have higher efficiencies and hold more dirt than strainers.


Evolving filter material

Hydraulic filter element manufacturers strive to create leading-edge filter media. Recently, a fluted media was developed which provides alternating flow paths and allow more filter media per unit volume. In the future, this type of media could replace the pleat technology found in conventional filter.


Pollution control levels

Pollution control levels in a system are a function of many factors, such as the amount of contaminant in the oil at start-up, the rate of contaminant ingression, etc. For most hydraulic systems, the prevention of contamination is more cost-effective than the cure. To control contamination, troubleshooting the system design will yield dramatic results.