Basket filter knowledge

Basket filter knowledge

Basket filter is installed in the pipeline to remove the fluid in a variety of solid particles of pollutants in the machine that can achieve the extension of component life and improve the stability of the purpose of running the system.

The basket filter a structure is very simple. It is characterized by its own self-styling device and replace the filter only when the flange is rotated 90. You can achieve the anti-fluid overflow requirements to facilitate the replacement of the filter.


Basket filter element:


Stainless steel basket filter element is suitable for coarse filtration and low contamination. The contamination collects in the basket can be removed easily. Basket and Ring Sieves in Stainless Steel design with particularly pleated filter media which offer a very good filtrate quality and a long durability.

To add protection for the septic absorption system, add a basket filter at the septic tank outlet tee.