Cleaning Methods for Spraying Machine filter and Notice

Cleaning Methods for Spraying Machine filter and Notice

With the vehicle manufacturing developing, it lead to the development of paint spraying equipment.


All kinds of pneumatic nozzle and spraying machines are widely used in various fields.


In order to improve the coating effect, various filtering elements are widely used in the sprayer machine, what is the cleaning methods for the spraying filters?


1, You should clean the filter screen timely after finishing the spraying.

2, Open the spraying machine, take the spray filter out, then use the cleaning liquid for cleaning with a soft brush. If pissible, please clean the filter element regularly.




1, If you found that the spray gun filter is damaged in the process of cleaning the elements.Please replace the filters in time, so it can avoid the effect to spraying.

2, You should use the right solvent to clean the equipment to avoid non normal settling or caking which will be blocking filters, high pressure valve, high pressure piping and spray gun and so on.It even cause damages to the spraying machine.