Do you know the structure of the HYDAC hydraulic filter?

Do you know the structure of the HYDAC hydraulic filter?

Many people do not familiar with the structure of HYDAC hydraulic filter, then the filter of the procurement work will be facing difficulties. So the structure of HYDAC hydraulic filter. is necessary to know.


HYDAC hydraulic filter media


Cutaway image of HYDAC’s Betamicron hydraulic filte, which feature nickel-coated end caps and support tube, screens of inner and outter, support layer, and different depth layers for some of the highest dirt-holding capacities available.


“Paper” filter elements can also be made of polyester, which look similar to their cellulose counterparts. Please realize polyester filters aren’t the most efficient material for filtration application but economical . Also they don’t absorb water. So if water removal isn’t necessary that the cheaper filter is requested in such applications


Synthetic filter media are the current high standard for filtration. They are manufactured by synthetic glass fibers, which are very fine and consistent in texture. Multiple layers with differing quality will create a medium sp that it is both extremely efficient and offers great dirt holding capacity. The problem with fine filtration is that the particles can clog the orifices, but the depth-type media of synthetic filters allows huge dirt retention, especially compared with other surface-type media.