How to improve the service life of hydraulic filter

How to improve the service life of hydraulic filter

Hydraulic filter is widely used in large-scale engineering equipment, the ship's hydraulic system, used to protect the normal operation of the traditional hydraulic equipment, due to improper use, many hydraulic filter life is very short, then how to enhance the life of hydraulic filter What?

First of all need to buy regular manufacturers of hydraulic filter, in the course of the use of the filter filter should be regularly clean up the stains, which can greatly reduce the loss of hydraulic filter to enhance the life of hydraulic filter.


Improve the quality of hydraulic oil


Hydraulic filter is mainly used to filter the hydraulic oil in the metal particles and particles larger impurities, thereby reducing the hydraulic system loss, usually the quality of hydraulic oil will greatly affect the quality of hydraulic systems and hydraulic filter reliability And service life. Usually the quality requirements for hydraulic oil are as follows:

1, the appropriate viscosity and good viscosity-temperature performance to ensure that the working temperature changes in the conditions can accurately and sensitively transmit power, and to ensure the normal lubrication of hydraulic components.

2, has a good anti-rust and anti-oxidation stability, high temperature and pressure conditions are not easy to oxidize deterioration, long service life.

3, has a good anti-foam, so that oil in the machinery by constantly stirring the working conditions, the bubble is easy to disappear to make power transmission stability, to avoid the accelerated oxidation of hydraulic oil.

4, good anti-emulsification, can be mixed with the water in the water quickly separated to form an emulsion emulsion to the hydraulic system of metal material corrosion and reduce the use of results.

5, good extreme pressure anti-wear, to ensure that hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, control valves and fuel tanks in the high-pressure, high-speed harsh conditions to get normal lubrication, reduce wear and tear.