How to clean stainless steel filter element

How to clean stainless steel filter element

Stainless steel filter elements are used in many industries for its high filtration effenciency, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistant. However, what are the attentions need to be paid for stainless steel filters cleaning?


1. Some of the stainless steel filter element can be cleaned directly in the detergent solution, but not be soaked for a long time, at the same time, we also need to pay attention to the cleaning of end caps and filter layers.

2. If materials for filter layers is paper, it can not be cleaned in water.

3. The cleaning direction is opposite from the filtration direction.

4.It is easy to destroy the filter layer if it was cleaned by hard objects, though stainless steel filter is by chacracteristic of solid structure.

5. Strong acid or alkali can not be used for cleaning the stainless steel filters.