Use the benefits of replacement air filter elements

Use the benefits of replacement air filter elements

The role of air filter element: better gas mileage, reduced emissions, improved acceleration, increased engine life and overall improved driveability. there are many replacement air filter element products in the market, their advantage:

Increased fuel efficiency:

Some studies indicate that replacing a dirty air filter increases fuel mileage on older, carburated cars by as much as 14 percent if the filter is so dirty it affects driveability. In addition, changing a clogged air filter can potentially increase acceleration by 6 to 11 percent on modern fuel-injected cars. it is obvious that a clean air filter improves air flow to the engine and increases engine performance and gas mileage.

Prolongs engine life:

Changing the air filter regularly helps prolong engine life because the air filter is designed to trap damaging dirt and debris that can damage internal engine parts such as the cylinders and pistons. Engine damage can occur from particles as small as a grain of salt and result in costly repairs.