Maintenance strategy of the stainless steel basket filter

Maintenance strategy of the stainless steel basket filter

This basket filter element is friendly to use, but people's understanding of the basket filter is not enough, so equipment's maintenance an obvious hurdle.

Maintenance of Basket Filter

1, the busket filter element is the core part of the filter core parts, filters from the filter box and stainless steel wire mesh composition, stainless steel wire mesh is wearing parts, to be special protection;

2, such as stainless steel wire mesh deformation or damage, need to be replaced immediately.

3, cleaning impurities, pay special attention to the stainless steel wire mesh on the filter can not be deformed or damaged, otherwise, and then loaded with the filter, the filter media purity less than the design requirements, compressors, pumps, meters and other equipment will be To destruction;

4, when the filter work for some time, the basket filter element precipitated a certain amount of impurities, when the pressure drop increases, the flow rate will drop, the need to promptly remove impurities in the filter core;