How a Stainless steel fuel filter element works

How a Stainless steel fuel filter element works

A large number of granules exist in automobile's fuel, they lower Engine a life, and the Install fuel filter was a good choice, but stainless steel fuel filter element works?


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Fuel transportation


Although fuel or oli is essentially clean,  but transporting, storing and dispensing it add lots of debris. This debris will damage the fuel system of our vehicles if the fuel filter does not remove it, so fuel filter element can be widely used.


Fuel filter element works


The Stainless steel fuel filter element open reveals a simple design. A pleated wire mesh serves as the filter media. Fuel enters the housing and flows around the media. Fuel pressure pushes the fuel through the filter, trapping debris between the filter media and the housing. Clean fuel flows through and out of the filter to the injectors. If the Ss fuel filter did not trap the inevitable debris, the fuel injectors would soon be clogged.