External electric field structure of stainless steel pleated filter element

External electric field structure of stainless steel pleated filter element

An external electric field is applied in the boiling granular layer of stainless steel pleated filter, so that the dust particles in the air in the filter layer as far as possible before charging, can promote the filtering effect of dust particle agglomeration and particle layer, so as to improve the collection efficiency of fine dust particles, and its working principle is:

It is certain type of  backwash filter


1. In the pre charging device of the stainless steel pleated filter element, the dust particles with opposite charges (especially the fine dust particles) can be aggregated into larger particles by the mutual attraction. Under the action of gravity, it can be collected at the bottom of the subsidence, and the fine particles which are not enough to settle can also be intercepted by the sand filter because of the increase of the material diameter, thereby improving the efficiency of the dust collector.

2. Most of the pre charged devices have the same negative charge, due to the capture filter layer of the stainless steel filter element is neutral, the charged dust particles can cause the capture induction to produce a mirror charge, thus making the two attractive.

The working principle of volume throttling speed control circuit of the stainless steel pleated filter is the use of pressure compensation type variable speed pump, constant flow or outflow of hydraulic cylinder with throttle valve or speed regulating valve to adjust the flow of the hydraulic cylinder, and the oil pump and the hydraulic cylinder automatically adapt to the desired flow.

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