How to cleaning your spray gun filter

How to cleaning your spray gun filter

The spray gun is quite common, but spray gun filter element should be cleaned immediately after each use. Newer waterborne paints and clear coats dry very quickly and are very difficult to remove when dry and affect spray gun a life.


Cleaning Process of your spray gun filter

1) Remove gun from air supply, empty remaining paint from cup, and fully trigger the gun to drain remaining paint from fluid passages. Solvents, cleaners, and paints should always be poured or expelled into an approved container.


2) Squirt cleaner into the cup, slosh it around, and fully trigger the gun to expel the dirty cleaner.

Repeat again and wipe cup out with a clean lint free towel.


3) Remove cup and remove paint sprayer gun filter if used. Clean filter or replace and reinstall into cup and reassemble cup onto gun.


4) Squirt some more cleaner into cup and trigger gun until it is completely expelled.


5) If a waterborne cleaner is used, the gun’s fluid passageways should be flushed out immediately after cleaning with a fast drying solvent such as acetone to displace any water from the fluid passageways. This is very important to help prevent possible internal gun corrosion, damage prevention filter media,


6) Remove the air cap filter, squirt it with cleaner or immerse it in cleaner, and brush away paint residue using a non-metallic, soft bristle brush. Rinse off the cap and wipe with a clean lint free towel and blow dry completely.