What is the advantage of Micro Fiberglass Filter

What is the advantage of Micro Fiberglass Filter

Stainless steel wire mesh and filter paper are traditional filter media. Filter media has a very wide range of applications and broad prospects for development, but micro-glass fiber filter components is the most appropriate choice for liquid and gas filtration.


Micro Fiberglass Filter Elements


Fiber glass


Fiber glass filter is a good filter performance of non-metallic filter media, used in the industrial filtration,sort is more. Its advantages are insulation, heat resistance and corrosion resistance is better, its diameter can be processed to a few microns, so the glass fiber processing into the filter, the filter accuracy is very good. The glass fiber materials commonly used in high efficiency air filter, Hydraulic filter and other filter components production.


Used of filter media


This is due to the very small diameter of the micro-glass fibres allowing for more interstitial spaces in the same given area to trap and retain contamination.

Micro Fiberglass Filter Element

The micro-glass main filter layer assists in achieving optimum retention rates. In order to meet the requirements of CE, any filter element must have a ?-value exceeding 200, depending on the filter particle size rating. The ?-values of the new Pure Power filter material have exceeded 1000 in real world tests. This maximizes system availability as hydraulic fluids are optimally cleaned. It also prevents damage to the system and further contamination by removing a very high proportion of the contaminants in the first pass through the filter.