Cleaning method of melt filter

Cleaning method of melt filter

 In the field of chemical industry, the melt filter and melt filter element are common in the polyester production equipment accessories, in order to improve the service life of the melt filter, melt filter should be regular cleaning.What is the cleaning method of the melt filter?

The action of the melt filter

Melt filter's main function is to remove the melt, agglomeration and other special solid in the produce process, so that the melt through the melt through the average density of more uniform.Different industrial production requirements need to use different specifications of the melt filter.

Cleaning of melt filters (high temperature hydrolysis)

The purpose of cleaning the melt filter and the melt filter is to reduce and remove the residual dirt from the filter element for the next step of TEG cleaning and alkaline washing.The melt of self-cleaning filter is divided into three steps: hydrolysis, preoxidation and oxidation.The steps of hydrolysis and preoxidation are divided into two stages, and the requirements for the cleaning environment are different in each stage.