SINFT developed a long-term development strategy, to ensure the long-term and stable development, in the process, we will better serve customers as the first target.

In order to achieve this goal, we have developed a sound system from the selection of personnel, equipment procurement, product selection of raw materials, production management, after-sales service, etc.

First of all, our sales / after-sales service team are selected with years of experience in international trade, are able to deal with all kinds of problems in international trade. SINFT has set up a sound R & D team. This team is responsible for our own brand of filtration products, OEM products, as well as special specifications of customized products to improve the performance of the work. And can be designed for some areas of the corresponding filter products.

Our quality inspection team is mostly from the production and procurement department, They are familiar with product testing and quality assurance standards.

In order to better adapt to the information age, we procurement from well-known manufacturers of production equipment, these devices are fully compliant with international standards. The R & D team also participated in the improvement of some of the equipment. To ensure the operation of the equipments and the quality of the products.

In the production unit, we has a complete quality inspection team, they go through the procurement of raw materials, production and transportation processes, to ensure to supply high-quality filters and accessories products for our customers.

To solve some special problems for our customers, we provide customized products according to the specifications, with dimensions, filter materials, applications, filtration ratings,etc. Available.

SINFT always believe that constant communication with customers and friends is an important cornerstone of development.