Quality Management

Quality Management:

SINFT ultimate goal is to satisfy your best demands, solve the application problem, and improve our products performance and quality.

In order to ensure the quality, we purchse raw material as per our standard. We manufacture products strictly according to ISO9001 standard to maximum the qualified products rates with high quality in accordance with the quality standard scheme and strict safety management of production.

In the quality inspection: in order to improve product performance and quality of our products, our quality inspection personnel is choosed from the production line of the elite, they are familiar with the product quality inspection process, from the purchase of raw materials and production of each link, to coordinate closely quality inspection, and ensure the quality of the final products.

Besides, in order to provide high-quality products for customers, our factory have formulated strict factory management system and mode of transportation, the packing of the goods with special design, such a perfect systems to guarantee the quality of the products.