Replacement Multi-mantle Filter Element for BOLL & KIRCH

Replacement Multi-mantle Filter Element for BOLL & KIRCH

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Replacement Multi-mantle Filter Element for BOLL & KIRCH Detailed Introduction

What' s The Replacement Multi-mantle Filter ?



What' s Replacement Multi-mantle Filter ? 


The Sinft Replacement Multi-mantle Filter Element consists of several cylindrical filter mantles. That can provide a large filtration surface with a small space requirement and allow the use of fine filter meshes, which can be used in simplex and duplex filters for HFO and LO application. We manufaturer the Replacement Filter Element For BOLL&KIRTCH.


Replacement Multi-mantle Filter


Multi-mantle Filter Element Applications


Our Replacement Multi-mantle Filter Element are generally used in marine applications for filtering fuels and lubricants as well as water. The multi mantle elements are also used in the Power Industry and processing industry for purifying water, oils, coolants and chemicals. SINFT multimantle elements can solve the brand filter high cost problem.

1. Various lubrication systems, e.g. marine engine, gas turbine, boiler,etc.

2. Hydraulic system of rolling machine, continuous caster, etc.

3. Metallurgy,petrochemical, machinery, papermaking, shipbuilding, nuclear power and coal power, and other industries related to oil filtration.


Replacement multi-mantle filter element


Multi-mantle Filter Element Advantage


Our replacement multi-mantle filter element For BOLL are in accordance with the original standard, and the price is very competitive.

1. Fixing by screw providing easy assembly, dismantle, and cleaning.

2. Less pressure loss, high strength, easy cleaning, long service life, high corrosion - resistance, big operation temperature range , large filtration area, big flow, high porosity, high permeability, high dirt - holding capacity, etc.

3. Cost - saving. Each mantle can be changed separately.


multi-mantle filter element For BOLL are in accordance with the original standard


Technical Specification


Replacement Multi-mantle Filter Element


Product name:

Replacement Multimantle Element For Boll

Filter rating:

10 µm - 2 mm

Filter media:

stainless steel wire mesh

Flow direction:



Customizable parameters


1. Made of metal wire mesh

2. Filtration precision : from 20μm to 120μm

3. Max differential pressure : 0.35Mpa

4. Filtration form : parallel filtration

5. Operation temperature : -25℃ to 100℃

6. Material : stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.

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