Replacement for Boll Star-pleated Filter Element

Replacement for Boll Star-pleated Filter Element

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Replacement for Boll Star-pleated Filter Element Detailed Introduction

SINFT provide Star-Pleated Element for boll & kirch simplex filter and duplex filters, instead of SINFT Star-Pleated Elements, Basket and Ring Sieves in Stainless Steel design with particularly pleated filter media which offer a very good Filtrate quality and a long durability.

Star-Pleated Element for boll & kirch 
Replacement boll Star-Pleated Filter Element Advantages
Because of the pleating of the existing stainless steel, wire mesh filter material, the star-pleated filter element features a large filter area with the smallest diameter. That enables widely dispersed cleaning intervals and the use of fine sieve mesh with only a low pressure loss. Star-pleated filter elements attain a filter fineness of 10-250 µm.(Parameters can be customized)

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