Back Flushing Filter Spare Parts

Back Flushing Filter Spare Parts

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Back Flushing Filter Spare Parts Detailed Introduction

What's The Back Flushing Filter Disc Spare Parts


We can deliver a complete range of absolutely compatible spare parts for Self Cleaning Filters, complete the work of filtering fluid, replacement type of filter element are used to solve the filter elements high cost problem.


Back Flushing Filter Application


Fuel oil / lubricating oil automatic filters of Back Flushing Filter Spare Parts.

Used for mining, railway, marine, power generation industry.

Environmental protection.

Emission control.

Heating and cooling.

Steam and heat generation.

Waste heat recovery.

Oil treatment.


Disc Spare Parts Advantages


High temperature resistance

High radiation resistance

High void volume

High permeability

Lower pressure drop

High dirt-holding capacity


Technical Specification


We can supply a wide range of spare parts for the following Filter Disc Spare Parts;

120 series - 140 series - 150 series - 240 series and 280 series;

Type: Diversion filter element and Full-flow filter element;

Filtration accuracy: 30 - 110 μm;


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