Replacement Filter Cartridges Element for Hilco

Replacement Filter Cartridges Element for Hilco

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Replacement Filter Cartridges Element for Hilco Detailed Introduction

What’s The Replacement Filter Cartridges Element for Hilco


The Replacement Filter Cartridges Element for Hilco achieves the demand for higher efficiency without sacrificing dirt capacity and low pressure drop by incorporating modern synthetic filter fibers with much smaller diameters than traditional cellulose fibers. Smaller fibers take up less space, leaving more room for dirt capacity.


Replacement Filter Cartridges Element Application


Refrigeration compressors

Gas turbines

Centrifugal lubricated couplings

High-pressure fluid filtration

Engine and turbine lube

Compressor lube and seal oil

Cooling water

Process water


Insulating oils

Fuel oils

Diesel gas engine lubes

Quench oils

EDM coolants

Lube oils

Hydraulic oils.

High-pressure hydraulic oil systems.

Synthetic filter media facilitates usage in a variety of fluid applications.

Recommended for high solids applications. Typical applications include very dirty lube oils, heavy fuels, fuels with catalyst fines, machine tool coolants and cooling or process water.

Ideal for acid reduction for petroleum-based transformer and turbine lube oils, as well as reclaiming solvents, mineral oils, insulating oils, and heat transfer fluids.


Replacement Filter Element for Hilco Features


Microglass filter media is sandwiched between two protective layerS of nylon media then supported with and epoxy-coated steel screen.

Support screens provide a rigid pleat structure to withstand high cyclic and pulse flow fatigue.

Synthetic media enables the cartridge to be used in a wide range of applications, includ-ing those which could deteriorate a standard cellulose paper cartridge (i.e., water expo-sure).


Technical Specification


Replacement for original number: PH-718-01-CN


Length: 18”

OD.: 6 1/4”

ID: 2 9/16”

Microns: 15μm



Turbine Lube, Mineral Oil Phosphate ester;

Machine Tool Coolant;

Chip Wringer Screw Machines;

Diesel, Turbine;

Compressor Lube;

Gear Box;

Engine Compressor;



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