Stainless Steel Candle Filters Element

Stainless Steel Candle Filters Element

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Stainless Steel Candle Filters Element Detailed Introduction



What's this

One of the most common and efficient of all pressure filters is the stainless steel candle filter,is makes Candle filters in all Stainless Steel Mesh,The loads in the liquid streams can be in the 2-10% range solids. Very efficient to filter fine solids and use both surface and cake filtration.




Stainless Steel Candle Filter Element Applications


Stainless Steel Candle Filter Element Application  


TiO2 Filtration                            

Brine Clarification

Catalyst Filtration

Activated Carbon filtration

Mineral slurry concentration

Thickening of slurry

Hot flue gas filtration

Refined Oil Filtration

Stainless steel candle filters are best choice elements for automatic filter to filter oil lubrication, hydraulic oil, lubrication cooling liquids of different fuels,etc.




Filter Element Features 


1. Larger effective filtration area;

2. Woven wire cloth filter media;

3. Small pressure loss resistance, corrosion resistance;

4. Easy to clean;

5. Long service life;

6. High temperature range;

7. Larger dirt holding capacity;



Technical Specification




Product name:

Stainless Steel Candle Filters Element

Filter rating:

10 µm - 150 µm

Filter media:

high quality stainless steel and stainless steel wire mesh

Flow direction:

> [  ] <


Customizable parameters


Candle filters are made from stainless steel wire mesh, polyester mesh, which are fitted with different types of mesh, based on the requirements.

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