Hydraulic Filters Elements for Hydraulic Oil System

Hydraulic Filters Elements for Hydraulic Oil System

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Hydraulic Filters Elements for Hydraulic Oil System Detailed Introduction



What' s This ?


Fluid Power/Hydraulic filter element applications can be playing an important role of hydraulic systems used in extreme conditions, such as in high pressure, abrasion and errosion environment.


luid Power/Hydraulic filter element applications can be demanding.an important


Hydraulic Filter Element Applications


Hydraulic Filters Elements can be used to filter a few materials

Microglass (VG)

Deep filtration

Absolute Filtration

High particle holding capacity

Best micron rating at high Δp

Usable for mineral oils, emulsions and for most synthetic hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils

Various grades of filter fineness available (1 VG, 3 VG, 6 VG, 10 VG, 16 VG and 25 VG), other grades of filter fineness on request

Special filter design for lubrication applications available (10 API and 25 API)

Paper (P)

Deep Filtration

Nominal Filtration

Constructed of paper and polyester fiber

High material stability and strength

Available in 10 μm




Hydraulic Filters Elements Advantage



Pressure filtration: Locating filtering media in the pressure line provides maximum protection for components located immediately downstream.

Return filtration: This, combined with relatively low flow velocity, means that a high degree of filtering efficiency can be achieved at an economical cost. For these reasons, return filtration is a feature of most hydraulic systems. The main disadvantage of return line filtration is that the back pressure created by the element can adversely affect the operation of and/or damage some components.

Off-line filtration: Off-line filtration enables continuous, multi-pass filtration at a controlled flow velocity and pressure drop, which results in high filtering efficiency. Filtration rates of 2 microns or less are possible, and polymeric (water-absorbent) filters and heat exchangers can be included in the circuit for total fluid conditioning. The main disadvantage of off-line filtration is its high initial cost, although this usually can be justified on a life-of-machine cost basis.

Suction filtration: From a filtration perspective, the pump intake is an ideal location for filtering media. Filter efficiency is increased by the absence of both high fluid velocity, which can disturb trapped particles, and high pressure drop across the element, which can force migration of particles through the media.


Technical Specification


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