Pulp filter element(CJC)

Cotton/semi-chemical cellulose oil filter element

 80% of failures in hydraulic systems are caused by oil contamination.

SINFT filter cotton/semi-chemical cellulose oil filter element has a very powerful oil filtering function, and has a wide range of dirt and water absorption capabilities. It can always keep the oil clean and dry, effectively remove dirt particles, water and oxidation in the oil, thereby reducing the wear of parts. This can extend the life of the oil by 2-4 times.

Cotton/semi-chemical cellulose oil filter element widely used in:

·Hydraulic Oil - Aluminium Injection Moulder
·Hydraulic System - Fishing Vessel - M/S Britta Brock
·Lauritzen Reefers A / S
·Quenching oil system
·Plastic injection molding machine-hydraulic system
·Hydraulic System-Submarine
·Mobile filtering in dump truck transmission
·Generator Set-Diesel Fuel System
·Water turbine
·Cone crusher