What We Do?

Manufacturer of Filter Element Products, Stainless Filter, Industrial Filter and Custom Filter Products

For over 17 years Hebei Sinft Filter Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer of one of the most extensive lines of high performance filter and strainer elements for fluid and gas stream filtration. Now, we are also a manufacturer of spray gun filters and desiccant breathers.Our filter element products include genuine Sinft interchangeable replacement filter elements for over 200 domestic and foreign manufacturers, private label original equipment (OEM) elements as well as custom filter elements. As a filter manufacturer, we produce a wide range of replacement hydraulic filter element products, OEM hydraulic filter elements and other industrial filter products.

Sinft industrial filter manufacturer always provides the best filtration solutions to a problem or a concern. To meet the different needs of the industrial filter, we offer a wide range of sizes and styles of filtration solutions to choose from. As a filtration expert, we are committed to technological innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our filter element are ideal for applications requiring low maintenance and uninterrupted process flow.

Our most popular industrial filter element styles are:

· Cellulose Filter Elements 
· Maritime Filter Element
· Fiberglass Filter Elements 
· Stainless Steel Filter Elements 
· Metal Felt Filter Elements (Porous Metal Fiber)
· Sintered mesh Filter Elements
· Wedge Wire Screen Filter Elements
· Notch wire Filter Elements

Aftermarket Filter Element and OEM Filter Element Experts

Sinft Filters have been proven in a variety of industries including Fluid Power, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Off-Highway & Military, Automotive Aftermarket and Custom market applications.

Sinft Filter Element products have proven results in a variety of industries including:

· Fluid Power/Hydraulic Filter Element Products
· Power Generation Filter Element Products
· Food industry Perforated Tart Rings
· Paper Industry Filter Element Products
· Oil/Gas Industry Filter Element Products
· Spray industry Filter Element Products
· Maritime industry Filter Element Products
· Oil Reclamation Filter Element Products
· Engineering machinery Filter Elements
· Air compressor processing Filter Element
· Aerospace
· Off Highway & Military
· Auto Manufacturing
· Metal Stamping
· Paper & Pulp
· Machine Tool
· Primary Metals
· Die casting
· Mining
· Refuse
· Snowmaking
· Polymer
· Food
· Pharmaceutical
· Cryogenics
· Refining
· Chemical
· Pneumatic


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