SINFT offers a wide range of porous metal spargers tips for laboratory and pilot scale bioreactors and fermenters. With media grades ranging from 2μm to 15μm, SINFT porous spargers offer the flexibility to generate bubble sizes which are optimal for your specific media, organism and mass transfer requirements. Various specifications and connections are available.
In many cell culture mediums, oxygen is difficult to be solubilized, which causes difficulty in optimizing the critical nutrient. SINFT micro spargers can significantly improve the mass transfer rates of oxygen or carbon dioxide by maximizing the surface area between the media and the aeration bubble.
Micro Spargers

Micro Spargers

Micro Spargers

Micro Spargers


-Precise pore size distributions
-Small gas bubble aerated    
-Easily cleaned/back-flushed
-Corrosion/abrasion resistant
-High temperature resistance
-High pressure resistance
-No media migration and second pollution

Product Material:

-Stainless Steel (SS316L, 304L,310S,904L)
-Hastelloy (C-22,C-276,XB-2)
-Inconel (600, 625,800)
-Monel (400 and so on)
Note: Special material, sizes and shape can be customized. Pls. contact SINFT at if you have more exacting requirements.


-Conventional Sintered Metal Spargers
Pure water and mineral water ozone sterilization aeration
Industrial waste water aeration
Aeration of domestic sewage treatment aeration tank
Aeration in high temptation environment
-Special Sintered Metal Spargers
Oil produced water degreasing aeration
Industrial waste water degreasing aeration
Aeration of high viscosity fluid
Aeration in high temptation environment
Aeration in easy scaling application  
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