Hydraulic Return line Filter Element

Return line filter are popular in hydraulic systems because they are a reliable & cost-effective way of filtering contamination from the operating fluid which flows back to the tank from the hydraulic system.
SINFT Hydraulic Oil Return Filter Element
Complete range of replacement filter elements for hydraulic return-line filters from SINFT and other OEMs such as Argo Hytos, Eppensteiner/Bosch Rexroth, Fairey Arlon/Parker, Hydac, Internormen/Eaton, Mahle/Filtration Group, Pall – with the same quality, function and installation as the respective original products. Stainless steel nonwoven and wire mesh, polyester nonwoven, filter paper, fibreglass nonwoven and other filter materials in all grades. High dirt absorption capacity. Long service life. Low maintenance effort.Find the part number you need, please check the SINFT Cross Reference Page.

SINFT® return filter part made frraulic system

SINFT Hydraulic Oil Return Filter Element
SINFT® return filter part made frraulic system. They are suitable for operating pressures up to 25 bar and are placed as working filters and the last element in the hydraulic circuit directly upstream or downstream of the hydraulic tank. There, they clean the entire returning hydraulic fluid before this is fed back into the tank. SINFT proom aluminium, plastic or steel for line installation or tank mounting are often the only protection for a hydvides the same Return line filter element products as the original model and provides customized shell.
Spin-on filters offer ease of element change due to the fact the canister is mounted directly onto the filter head. Flow rates up to 300 l/min.
In-line filters are mounted before the reservoir where there is little or no space available to mount directly onto the tank. Because they are externally mounted they can be fitted to take very large flows in industrial applications. Capacity can be up to hydraulic system need.

Hydraulic Return line Filter Element
Typical micron ratings for return filters range from 2microns to 125 micron depending on the required  cleanliness level of the fluid in the system.
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