Sintered Powder Sensor Housing

SINFT sintered powder sensor shell are made by sintering 316L powder material in high temperature. They have been widely used in environmental protection, petroleum, natural gas, chemical, environmental detection, instrumentation, pharmaceutical equipment and other fields.

Sintered Powder Sensor

Sintered Powder Sensor


SINFT Sintered Powder Sensor Housing protection guard have excellent performances of smooth and flat internal and external tube wall, uniform pores and high strength. The dimensional tolerance of most models is controled within 0.05 mm.

Usage: temperature and humidity sensor housing

Theory: current and inductance sensor, current and inductance

Output: Analog Sensor ,digital sensor

Material: sintered stainless steel material, can be customized

Pore Size: 20um 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70, 70-90

Type: RHT sensor

Accuracy: temperature: ±0.2℃  @0-90℃ ,   humidity: ±2% RH  @(0~100)% RH

Features: Excellent long-term stability, LCD display or weatherproof transmitter cover, maximum load 665Ω

Applications: drying, test chamber, combustion air , meteorological measurement

Certificate: ISO9001 M.D CE
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