DAB Desiccant Breather

Cross Reference DAB Desiccant Breather is mainly used on the tank with moisture absorptionand air filtration. First, the moisture in the incoming air is absorbed when passingthrough the drying agent. After passing through the drying agent, the dirt particles arecaught in the air filter element; these can reduce the pressure loss caused by thefluctuation of oil and the changing of temperature. With the moistureabsorbed and thedirt particles caught, the reliability and the processing ability in the hydraulic system willbe decreased and the life of the oil and the oil and the machine will be extended

As moisture is absorbed, the drying agent granules Will gradually change colorfrom blue to pink. The granules should be changed when the color changes to pink

It is just need to open the cover when changing the drying granules. The granulescan be put in the 150coven for drying until it turns blue again

Note: the broken drying granules can not be used again

Dimensional Data :

Model D L1 L2 L3 L M S Volume drying agent
Drying agent filling weight(g) Max.rate of aire flow(m³/min) Filtr
Model of Air Breather
DAB-90-90 95.5 33 90 58 18 G3/4 36 85 270 0.5 3 AB-90
DAB-90-150 15 170 540
DAB-120-145 126.5 45 145 99 25 G11/4 53 285 840 1.25 AB-120
DAB-120-255 255 570 1680

DAB Desiccant Breather

DAB Desiccant Breather
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