Sintered mesh filter element

The sintered filter element is a new type of filter material with high mechanical strength and overall rigidity, which is made of multilayer stainless steel wire mesh through special laminates and vacuum sintering. It usually consists of 5 layers (or 6-8 layers) grid: protective mesh layer, filter mesh layer, protective mesh layer, enhanced mesh layer and enhanced mesh layer. sintered metal filters have higher advantages than ordinary metal wire meshes, such as high strength, good rigidity, and stable mesh shape. Due to the reasonable matching and design of the material's void size, permeability and strength characteristics, it has excellent filtration accuracy, filtration resistance, mechanical strength, wear resistance, heat resistance and processability, and its comprehensive performance is obvious Superior to other types of filter materials, sintered metal filter plates can be formed as filter elements, such as sintered filter discs, sintered filter cartridges, sintered filter laminates, and sintered filter tubes. The Sintered mesh filter element is made through a mold through a high-temperature sintering process to form filters of different shapes, such as sintered filter baskets and sintered cone filters, sintered cup filters, sintered cap filters and sintered filter plates.

Stainless Steel Sintered Filter Cartridge  produced by SINFT are widely used in :

MINING -Disc filter for coal and minerals ,High pressure hydraulic filter candles)

CHEMICALS(Candle filters,Nutsche filters,Dryers Bag filters)PHARMACEUTICALS(Disaeration filters)

MACHINE TOOLS(Cooling lubricant filters in filter drums)

AUTOMOTIVE(Fuel filters,Filter for brake fluid Servovalves)

FOODSTUFFS(Filter plates for juice and wine)

PLASTICS PROCESSING(Melt filters,Polymer candle filters,Spinning nozzle filters)

The material of sintered wire mesh is usually stainless steel 304, SS316, SS316L, but alloy steel Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel and other metals or alloys.


Plain weave, Twill weave, Plain Dutch weave, Dutch twill weave.


High strength: After sintering the five-layer wire mesh, it has extremely high mechanical strength, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, tensile and abrasion resistance;
High precision: uniform surface filtration performance can be exerted for the filtration particle size of 2-300um;
Heat resistance: can be used for continuous filtration from -200 degrees to up to 650 degrees;
Cleanability: Simple cleaning due to the surface filter structure with excellent countercurrent cleaning effect;
Manufacture and provide various sizes of filters according to customer requirements;

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