SINFT Environmental Awareness

SINFT is environmentally responsible company. Because SINFTFILTER produce products to keep fluid systems clean and pollution-free, we attach importance to doing the same for the environment, the workplace and the community. Besides, our products, processes and operations take the environment and resources into consideration. When developing custom filters, liquid filters and other new products, we always consider the environmental protection. We are excellent specialist of resource management, energy conservation and effective management of resources use. We also manage our workplace to make it safe and healthy.

SINFT ensures that its products and services consistently meet customers' expectations across various aspects. This includes but is not limited to quality, environmental compatibility, safety, durability, recyclability, energy efficiency, competitive pricing, and adherence to schedules. To download detailed information regarding these standards, please click here.

Environmental protection is a core tenet of SINFT's corporate policy. Recognizing that all phases of product development, manufacturing, sales, and use impact the environment, we actively develop measures to minimize this impact. This includes initiatives both at our production sites and in collaboration with customers to ensure environmentally responsible use of our products. To access our environmental policy and initiatives, click here.

Adheres To International Standards.

We are committed to transparently sharing our commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, and customer satisfaction. For more information on our efforts in these areas, including certifications and sustainability practices, click here.

SINFT was first successfully certified to ISO 9001 in 2007. click here to download. It passed the EU CE certification in 2014,  clicking here. Additionally, it passed the CE Machinery Directive certification in 2021. click here.

The management system can be applied to: development, manufacturing, sales and logistics of filter system,filter part, filter systems and filter elements for fluid media, pressure measuring systems, hydraulic accessories,system technology.

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