Cotton/semi-chemical cellulose oil filter element(CJC)

CJC filter insert are produced from unbleached cotton / semi chemical cellulos.

C.C.JENSEN is the global leader in offline oil filtration with decades of experience on the worldwide markets. The CJC filter inserts are produced of 100% natural cellulose fibres from sustainable resources(cotton fiber and / or semi chemical cellulose). - no metal. No plastic, no chemicals.

CJC filter insert are produced from unbleached cotton

SINFT can produce two types retrofits of CJC filter inserts. SINFT Filter element a is made of semi chemical cellulose, and cotton fiber or a mixture of cotton fiber and semi chemical cellulose. SINFT filter inserts can reach a very excellent oil filtering function, strong pollution capacity and strong water absorption.

All this series filter inserts have a filtration accuracy of 3 microns. This means that 98.7% of solid particles larger than 3 microns and about 50% of solid particles larger than 0.8 microns can be blocked in one filtration.

With SINFT Oil Filter Inserts you can get clean & dry oil which is the key to reliable system operation. With the unique combination of CJC® Offline Oil Filtration systems, SINFT filter inserts can do a best combination with the highest Contamination Holding Capacity on the market.


Dirt Holding Capacity Creates Value:

3-micron filtration Example 1 Example 2
Filter Insert Type Competitive pleated filter SINFT retrofits CJC filter inserts
Cost of elements vs. 1*USD 4*USD
Dirt holdingg capacity 0.100kg 4kg
Cost per kg removed conramination 10*USD per KG 1*USD per KG

  1. Filter Inserts have the highest dirt holding capacity.

  2. The unique construction of the bonded discs creates a large filtration area resulting in reduced costs.

  3. The Filter Inserts are a modular design, which allows them to fit any applications and requirements.

SINFT alternative filter inserts can meet specifications from OEM on oil cleanliness.

Pulp filter element,CJC cellulose oil filter

Increase lifetime of both oil and system components :


Removal of contaminants includes particles, Oil degradation products, water, and Acidity. Remember to change the Filter Inserts according to pressure gauge or at least once a year in order to ensure clean & dry oil!

SINFT retrofits filter inserts can be used in CJC filter and play an important role in the application.


SFT-A HDU 15/27
Thick smooth discs/high viscosity oils
& dry oil
Hydraulic, lube, turbine, polyglycol
SFT-B HDU 15/25
Has eidges on each disc Hydraulic, lube, turbine, gear, quenching
“B” made out of acrylic coated cotton/ much water Water, cleaning fluiid, oil/water emulsions
SFT-BLAT PTU 27/27 BLA top&bottom disc smooth/much water contamination Hydraulic, turbine, gear
SFT-BLDA HDU 27/27 BLA made with demineralized water Water glyocl
F PTU 15/25
Smooth tapered disc/low viiscosity oils/mild water contamination Diiesel, gas

CJC™ Fine Filter Inserts

CJC™ Fine Filter Inserts

CJC™ Fine Filter Inserts
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