SINFT® Produces the most complete models of Hydac filter elements that are totally exchangeable with Hydac original filter elements. It mainly includes Hydac hydraulic filter elements, pressure filter elements, coalescing filter elements, and hydraulic filter elements.function and installation as the respective original products. Find the Hydac filter part number you need, please check the SINFT Cross Reference Page.

Replace Hydac Hydraulic Filter Series

Replace Hydac Hydraulic Filter Series

Replace Hydac Hydraulic Filter Series:

A - Elements (hydac cross reference A - Elements)
AM - Aquamicron (hydac cross reference AM )
BDE - Cartridges (cross reference BDE )
Betterfit elements
D - Pressure elements
DH - Pressure elem. stainl. steel
DM - Dimicron
DN - Pressure elements DIN
FM - Flexmicron
L - Air filter elements
MA - Spin-On cartridges
MG - Spin-On cartridges
MU - Spin-On cartridges
MX - Elements for MFX
R - Return line elements
RK - Return line-suction elements
RN - Return line elements DIN
RS - Suction elements
S - Suction elements
Stat-Free elements

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Or, if you require further, expert technical advice with your order, need assistance in ensuring you are choosing the best hydraulic filter element and housing for your application, need help identifying a replacement part but don't have all the information available, or need a replacement for an obsolete model, talk to our Technical Team, consisting of experts within their field in the hydraulic industry, who will be more than happy to help!
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