Replacement Filter for Hilco PS310-060-CG


SFT-RF--Hi-AE33299 Filter Element

Cross reference P/N: Replacement Filter for Hilco PS310-060-CG, Filter Element Replace and Quoation

Top Diameter (inches): 2.498
Bottom Diameter (inches): 2.498
Inner Diameter (inches): 1.21
Length (inches): 9.62
End Cap Corrosion-resistant steel
Center Pipe: Corrosion-resistant steel
Filter Material: Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Seal: Buna (Nitrile)
Bypass Setting: -
Collapse level: 150 psid
Filter level: Bx = 200 Bx[c] = 1000
Other : BF-HIL-157106-L9-60WB

Filter Cartridge Parameters and Performance
Regarding Filtration Precision

Regarding Filtration Precision Data:     
Annotation Data in accordance with ISO 2942:2018 Testing Standard.

Regarding Filtration Efficiency Data:

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Regarding Filtration Efficienc
Regarding Flow Rate and Pressure Drop:

ISO 3968:2017 Test Results For more details,
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Untested Products Can Pose Significant Risks For You !

SINFT Testing Laboratory can provide testing reports compliant with the following eight standards, reducing your usage risks.SINFT Testing Laboratory

ISO 2941:2009:
ISO 2942:2018:
ISO 2943:1998:
ISO 3723:2015
ISO 3724:2007:         
ISO 3968:2017:
ISO 16889:2022:          
ISO 10771-1:2015:

Note: SINFT has the capability to provide on-site testing. Products from some OEM manufacturers without testing capabilities may expose you to significant risks. Click to learn more about the hazards of substandard filter products.

SINFT Cross-Referenced Filter Cartridges Have A Longer Lifespan

SINFT Composite Filter Material Is Designed For The Petroleum And Gas Industry
When designing such filter materials, SINFT has considered the advantageous particle retention capacity of cellulose filter materials, along with the overall strength benefits and cost-effectiveness of the borosilicate composite fiberglass + polymer fiber composite filter materials.

Choice Of Conventional Filter Materials

  1. Cellulose Filter Material: 

    • Advantages: Excellent dirt-holding capacity and cost-effectiveness.
    • Disadvantages: Swells in higher concentration liquids, affecting lifespan.
  2. Polypropylene Fiber:

    • Advantages: Good strength, but comes at a high cost.
    • Disadvantages: Lifespan rapidly decreases when exposed to hydrocarbons.
  3. Pure Synthetic Polymer:

    • Advantages: Suitable for use in hydrocarbons, good adaptability.
    • Disadvantages: Poor dirt-holding capacity.

High-Strength Central Support Tube

For SINFT high-flow filter cartridges, a spiral-welded pipe is chosen as the central tube. This unique structure allows for a fourfold increase in material thickness within the weld seam, achieving maximum strength with minimal weight.


Labeling: From left to right are the SINFT central tube production line, finished central tube product, and inferior products from other manufacturers.

Unique Petal-Like Pleated Structure

The manufacturing process of SINFT filter material structure forms pleats with a larger radius on the outer diameter, resulting in lower pressure drop and higher dirt-holding capacity.

Our SINFT® program can supply filter elements that are functionally and dimensionally interchangeable with industrial filter elements from Replacement Filter for Hilco PS310-060-CG. These elements can provide "will fit" and "will function" replacements to be used with Replacement Filter for Hilco PS310-060-CG filter housings.

See our Filter Element Cross Reference Interchange to find the SINFT® equivalent to an OEM filter element.

SINFT® . is an independent industrial filter manufacturer. Replacement Filter for Hilco PS310-060-CG name is for reference only. All tradenames, service marks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. SINFT®. does not claim to provide Replace Cuno filter elements or other manufacturer's filter and/or strainer elements.

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