Stainless Steel Candle Filter Element

Stainless Steel Candle Filter Element

In the production of SINFT candle filters, which are used for purifying lubricating oils, fuels, coolants, and other fluids, our special manufacturing process ensures the proper installation of the candle filter sock. Our candle filter elements are designed to meet the specific requirements of engine manufacturers and operators in various industries, including the marine and ship spare parts industry. We offer a range of mesh options to suit different applications, and we can also provide complete candle filter inserts for enhanced filtration efficiency.

SINFT offers Replace candle filter element products that can be cross-referenced with the Candle Filter Element for Automatic Filter. These products are mainly used for cross-referencing and selecting Boll candle filter elements. SINFT provides candle filter element products with various materials such as 304, 316, polyester, as well as different weaves including plain, twill, and contrast weaves. SINFT has the advantage of low cost, good quality, and a wide range of options as it is capable of producing stainless steel filter materials. Additionally, SINFT offers OEM services, allowing you to customize your purchase and have your logo printed on the products.

Stainless steel wire mesh candle filter element                     Polyester mesh candle filter element

Types Of Filters Used On Ship:

·Hydraulic Filter Element;
·Fine Mesh Screen Filter;
·Magnetic Filters;
·Auto Back Wash Filter Element;
·Notch Wire Filter Element;
·Sea Water Separator;
·Sea Chest Strainer;
·And other filtration products.

SINFT filtration products can be used in a number of applications, including hydraulic steering systems, deck gear, cargo handling and bow thruster hydraulics, physical separation/ filtration systems in ballast water treatments.

SINFT strainers are perfect for protecting downstream components, and our washable filter elements can be cleaned without having to take equipment off-line. 

SINFT strainers are available in corrosion resistant materials and protect cooling circuits and other seawater piping system from fouling.

Raw Material Inventory and Production:


SINFT weaving workshop                                                                     SINFT raw material inventory

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