OEM Replacement Hilco Filters / Replacement Hilco Hydraulic Filter Elements

SINFT®. designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of Filter and Strainer Replacement Elements which are functionally and dimensionally interchangeable with industrial OEM filter manufacturer elements.

See SINFT® Filter Element Cross Reference Interchange

Our SINFT®; program can supply replacement filter elements that provide "will fit" and "will function" interchangeability including:

Replacement Hilco Filter Elements

SINFT® Cross Reference HILCO Series:

PH Synthetic Pleated Filters

AT Activated Alumina Cartridges
DS Saflow Disc Filters
DD Saflow D Disc Filters 
HP High Pressure Synthetic Filters
HT Hilite™ Fullers’ Earth Cartridges

PD Hilsorb Cartridges
PL Pleated Paper Filter 
ST Selexorb Filter Cartridges

Replaces Hilco Filter Structure Parameters

Cross Reference Dimensions Support Tube Filter Performance Precision(μm) Primary Reference Features
PH Synthetic Pleated Filters 3x10”to 8"x39" 3/4" t0 3" 400+ 1 to 100 Four-layer Composite Fiberglass + Support ,Three-layer Composite Fiberglass + Two-layer Support,Three-layer Fiberglass + One-layer Support
AT Activated Alumina Cartridges 3"x10”to 11x19" 3/4" 10 2" 4 to 2   special activated alumina Media
DS Saflow Disc Filters 6"x18"to 7"x36” 1-1/2"     stackedcellulose paper disc
DD Saflow D Disc Filters 6"x18"to 7"x36” 1-1/2"     stackedcellulose paper disc
HP High Pressure Synthetic Filters 3"x11"to 3"x21" 3/4" to 3" 9 2 Five-Layer Fiberglass Filter Media
HT Hilite™ Fullers’ Earth Cartridges 3"x10"to 11"x19" 3/4" to 2" 4 to 2   Calcined fullers'Earth
PD Hilsorb Cartridges 3"x10" to 7"x18" 3/4"t0 3"   1 to 44 Four-Layer Fiberglass Filter Media
PL Pleated Paper Filter 3"x10" to 7"x39" 2" 25 to 60 25 to 104 Paper + Fiberglass + Paper or Single-layer Filter Paper with Outer Metal Perforated Guard
ST Selexorb Filter Cartridges 7"x18"to 117x19" 1-1/2" t0 2" 5   Outer Metal Perforated Mesh
GT Pleated Filter 7"x18"to 117x19" 1-1/2" t0 2" 5 ~ External Metal Perforated Mesh, equipped with handles or lifting tabs for easy transportation

* All tradenames referenced are the trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Hebei Sinft Filter Co., Ltd.does not claim to produce other manufacturer's filters and/or strainer elements.

SINFT Has Advantages In Production Capacity And Technical Customization.

SINFT can provide cross-reference filter products with the same dimensions as the original ones, with improved technical processes. This ensures that our filters have better structural performance compared to HILCO products.

SINFT Cross-References Commonly Used HILCO Product End Caps

The Advantages Of Sinft's Adhesive Process And The Use Of High-Quality Glue.

SINFT utilizes a specially formulated polyurethane adhesive for filter bonding, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of filtration media. The use of remote computer-controlled end cap and seam gluing equipment, under strict digital temperature control during the adhesive application process, guarantees uniform application of this high-strength adhesive at the joints. This technological advantage enables SINFT's cross-referenced filters for Hilco to possess unparalleled durability and sealing capabilities.


Choose SINFT, Choose Excellence in Quality and Performance

SINFT's cleanroom meets the ISO 4406 level 24/22/20 standard, providing you with high cleanliness and high-performance filter solutions. We incorporate advanced technology to minimize tiny particles during the production process, contributing to increased reliability and lifespan of hydraulic systems. The monthly supply capacity of this cleanroom is 25,000 units, ensuring the fulfillment of the demands of most large and medium-sized customers.


SINFT Class 1,000 Cleanroom and Raw Material Warehouse

Note: Special customers can increase production volume by activating backup production lines. In addition, customers with a monthly order quantity of 100,000 units are eligible for free shipping.

Raw Material Advantages

SINFT is located in the heart of China's filter material and wire mesh industrial zones. Our raw material warehouse houses over 20 types of filter papers, catering to various filter requirements through tailored cutting options. Additionally, SINFT maintains a substantial inventory of stainless steel filter meshes available for customization.


Sinft Possesses On-Site Testing Equipment


SINFT possesses more authoritative product and raw material testing capabilities, providing customers with genuine testing reports. In addition, SINFT offers complimentary inspection services, including 8-item filter report. We welcome your inquiries.

Note: Please avoid selecting filter products without any testing capabilities, as doing so may expose you to the risk of equipment damage.


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